• Mazda 121

    (Photo: FavCars.com)

    This article is the first Coup d'œil article — since the last one I wrote in 2013 — and the first car-related article since the last one about the Smart Forfour that I wrote back in February 2015. Good for me!

    In this article, I am going to talk about one of my dream cars. Yes, I have dream cars, lots of them, I cannot choose only one.

    The car I want to show you is the Mazda 121 DB, sold as the Autozam Revue in Japan, a cute little sedan that was produced between 1990 and 1998. I would buy one if I had enough money, even though I do not need to own a car because I live in a city with an acceptable public transportation system that consists of buses, trams and even river shuttles, but right now I am talking about spending money with my heart, not my head.

    Now, to those of you who might ask why I chose to put an article entirely written in the English language, I only have one answer: I want to show off my level of written English on the internet. 

    Am I a native English speaker? no. And you might tell I am not a native speaker because some of my sentences are probably weird, or maybe my grammar is incorrect, I don't know. Thinking about all the possible mistakes I could make gives me anxiety.

    It is my turn to try to write something as interesting as a Jalopnik article.

    I love the Mazda 121 DB.

    (Photo: FavCars.com)

    Just look how cute and lovely this car is! I want to hug it.

    Everything on this car is curved: curved shape, curved headlights, curved taillights, curved bootlid, curved roof...

    Now, this was Mazda's styling back in the 1990's. There are several 90's Mazdas that had this specific curved design, like the first-genration Miata, the first-generation 929, the 323 Lantis or even the third-generation RX-7. To me, this design fits best the 121, because of its reduced size.

    The only downside of this car is the boring interiors, very similar to what Japanese cars usually had at the time. The interior trims are even more boring: gray, black, dark blue... even the blue gauges (which is an unusual colour for an instrument cluster) are gloomy-looking.

    (Photo: KLM Bezirk Hamburg)

    The Mazda 121 is therefore like a sad clown: very cheerful and funny on the outside and full of dark thoughts on the inside.

    Aside from that, the interior is quite good because it has a simple layout and looks well built and easy to clean. I also like the two-spoke steering wheel.

    (Photo: Wikipedia)

    If the interior looks too dark for you, no worries, because the best thing about this car is the canvas roof.

    (Photo: FavCars.com)

    A canvas roof is way better than a regular sunroof because it makes you feel like you are in a convertible.

    This is certainly the most desirable feature of the Mazda 121. You can open it in various ways, as shown in the image below.

    (Photo: JapanClassic)

    To put everything in a nutshell, the Mazda 121 DB ticks all the right boxes for me. I really wish to find one in mint condition, but I guess this is wishful thinking, because I would exclusively look for one equipped with the canvas roof.

    If I ever manage to own a 121, I would cover the seats with some kitsch floral fabrics to make the interior a bit more joyful.

    I really hope this article was interesting to you. If not, I do not want to know.

    Do not forget to follow me on Twitter if my opinions matter to you.

    Drink water, bye!

    TLDR: I want to buy a Mazda 121 because it has a canvas roof and looks cute.

    PS: Listen to Turkish pop music.

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